Rates & FAQ

You’ll find my base rates below.

If you need something you don’t see on the list or if you’re working with a different budget, pitch me. I’m quite flexible. If I feel I’m not the best person for the job, I’m always happy to recommend you to someone qualified, pleasant and professional who can better assist you.

    • Editing (proofreading or substantive edits on web content, ad copy, VO scripts, fiction, etc.)
      • Starts at $2/100 words or $285/hour
    • Communications Analysis & Consulting (examining your company’s copy across emails, website, instructional booklets and providing recommended edits)
      • Starts at $1450 per package or $300/hour
    • Retainer (I’m “on-call” with your company during EST or PST business hours full time. Or, I’m solely invested in your creative project. Yes, I will travel if you cover expenses.)
      • Weekly: $2700
      • Monthly: $6000
    • Creating Original Content (video scripts, blog posts, web copy, etc.)
      • Starts at $385 per package or $285/hour

I require a 40% deposit before work begins, the remainder is due upon delivery.


Your custom quote depends on many factors on your end.
The current condition of your manuscript or project determines how long it will take me to make edits or write fresh copy. If your project is small or you need a “finish line edit”, chances are I can turn it very quickly. (I’ve done emergency edits in less than a day.)

If we’re collaborating from the beginning or if your project is substantial, exhaustive or analysis-based, that requires more time. Every project is different and I love to talk specifics.

I’ll need one main point of contact.
Though I’m always happy to gather information and collaborate with multiple people, if your project is corporate, I’ll need one point of contact. A single source (the person accountable for the project) should be setting goals and deadlines with me.

When can you start?
I’m currently taking on one or two large projects per month. After I provide a quote, we’ll have a conversation, sign a contract and you’ll pay your deposit. A small waiting period before I begin is common as I work on multiple projects, but I’ll give you a specific start date on your contract.

The sooner you need me, the earlier you should book.

Can you start right now?
I will expedite work for an additional 25% of my original quote. Because I have other project schedules and deadlines, expediting means working overtime by either beginning your project after hours or working weekends to finish other projects early. This is the reason for the additional cost.

Will you make edits afterward?
Yes! I’m available to you for 1 week after product delivery for light edits at no charge. I want you to be very happy. More considerable edits that come weeks after final delivery or are a result in operations or policy changes on your end will require an additional fee. (But I’ll make sure to give you a deal.)

Will you work with our graphic designer?
Absolutely! I also have a roster of talented artists and graphic designers I work with on a regular basis. I’d also be happy to make an introduction or send you to their online portfolios if you need additional services for which I am not required.

Can I pay by credit card or PayPal? 
Sure. There’s a 3% processing fee, but it’s a small price to pay for the speed. More traditional methods of payment are also accepted, just keep in mind that I cannot begin work until the deposit is received.